The Amazonian Symposium on Physics (ASP) is an introductory to mid-level symposium intended to be regularly held by the Graduate Program in Physics at the Pará University, presently a Federated Institution of the ICTP.

         This third edition of the Amazonian Symposium on Physics will be mainly focused on Gravitation, celebrating the 100 years of the publication of the Theory of General Relativity, by Albert Einstein.

           This meeting will also be the fifth and last global meeting of the Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics (NRHEP) network, funded by the European Union as a Marie Curie IRSES project. Previous meetings took place in Aveiro, Portugal (2012), Lisbon, Portugal (2013), Mississippi, USA (2014) and Rome, Italy (2015). More information can be found in the NRHEP Newtork webapge.

         The III Amazonian Symposium on Physics is targeted for young researchers and graduate students in Physics, as well as for last-year undergraduate students, wishing to learn about Gravitation, from some of the world’s leading experts.

         The III ASP will be held in the Belém Campus of the Federal University of Pará. In the gateway to Amazonia, the Belém Campus is located on the shore of the river Guamá, one of the rivers which form the Guajará bay.

Aerial view of the Belém Campus of the Federal University of Pará, where the ASP is held. Photo by Manoel Neto.