Please, contact the hotel of your choice by e-mail (suggestions below). 


· Daily Rates in REAL (present rate is US$ 1.00 ~ R$ 2.07)



1) Belém Soft Hotel

2) Hotel Beira Rio

3) Expresso XXI Batista Campos

4) Expresso XXI Nazaré

5) Hotel Regente


6) Amazônia Hostel




Transportation (see also Tourist Information):

Belém is served by two major Brazilian airlines:      and


If you are not Brazilian, please inform your flight number, company and arrival date/time as soon as possible sending an email to:



7) Ecopousada Miriti


8) Muiraquitã Hotel

9) Machado`s Plaza Hotel


10) Hotel Manacá

11) Hotel Formula 1  



Bird’s eye view of the city of Belém, in the gateway to Amazonia. Photo by Manoel Neto.

Night view showing the Jesuitical Church Santo Alexandre and square, in Belém. (http://2.bp.blogspot.)